School Field Trips

Keep a list of what you see! Domestic animals, wild animals, and even sculptures of snakes and hands and faces – whoever finds the most may win a prize!

We now offer two interactive educational experiences in the Nairobi area.

FIRST: “Experience Puppets”

A three-hour visit to our working offices in Kilimani.
Primary and Secondary pupils and students are invited to learn the art of puppetry in a hands-on experience. We may even throw in juggling classes and a couple of improvisational games. Non-stop learning at the place where it all happens! History, plenty of examples, and a chance to use professional puppets as seen on TV.

• 30 or fewer total people (teachers and chaperones included.)
• Flat fee of 15,000/= for the “Experience Puppetry” school trip
• Morning and afternoon slots available
• Call to discuss your own ideas/objectives – we are resourceful!

SECOND: The “Edu-Adventure!”

The talented performers of Puppets254 are your hosts in an immersive, magical, educative experience like no other.

Nani’s Kitengela Glass is located near The Maasai Lodge on the southern side of the Nairobi National Park – here your students and pupils (herein called “adventurers”) embark on a guided, fact-filled adventure in a world-renowned artists village.

Adventurers will watch glass making, pottery making, and recycled art sculpture – watch puppet shows and illusion presentations – interact with domestic animals and watch wild animals – they will tour organic gardens and cross the hanging bridge (optional) for an up-close look at the nearby nature preserve, the Silole Sanctuary.

Glass blowing, pottery, and metalworking are ongoing, and pupils can watch how we use recycled materials to make all kinds of art and functional items.

Meanwhile, they will learn about conservation, recycling, renewable energy, biogas, diet, health, tree planting and more – at five different stations.

You may choose:
• a fine-arts adventure,
• a performing arts adventure,
• a health and wellness adventure,
• a conservation adventure,
• a science adventure
• or you may specify your own custom adventure*
• OR! Just let us do “the hits”

*Choose your own adventure! Many teachers have specific curriculum goals. We can tailor the experience to your needs. (We’ve done everything from “the solar system” to “states of matter” by request.)


Art made from recycled materials is everywhere. Upon closer inspection, the scales of this dinosaur are made from discarded soda can lids.

• Do you want your adventurers to learn puppetry, juggling, balancing, and dance skills? Choose the performing arts adventure!

• Do you want your adventurers to learn glass making, pottery, felting, mosaic and sculpture? Choose the fine-arts adventure!

• Do you want your adventurers to learn about fitness, ethics, diet, yoga, and nature? Choose the health and wellness adventure!

• Do you want your adventurers to learn about recycling, bio-gas, organic gardening and farming, tree-planting and preservation? Choose the conservation adventure!

• Do you want your adventurers to learn about science? Choose the science adventure!

• Or don’t choose anything! Just let us do our own thing – that’s okay too! You’ll get a mix of our greatest hits!

• Teachers, do you need custom content? Let us know and we will match our education modules to your existing curriculum or syllabus.

Each adventure is roughly 3.5 hours of guided educational experience and includes hiking, puppet show, magic show, and interactive activities -with plenty of optional add-ons.

Professional puppeteers bring a layer of educational content to our puppetry demos – and magical effects may turn up anywhere throughout the day.

Visitors arriving on large school buses will be boarded by one of our Adventure Guides for early orientation when busses reach near the rough road. The experience begins on the road! Adventurers will step off the bus ready to engage the environment with no wasted time.

Our Adventure Guides are trained to handle ages 7 to 77.

Fine Print:

Charges are 500/= per pupil

• for fine arts, there is a 150/= add on per pupil for making and taking home art projects: pottery (optional)
• for performing arts there is a 150/= add on per pupil for making and keeping three juggling balls (optional)
• Meals: add chips, sausage and a drink for 250/= per pupil (optional)
• add 100/= to cross the hanging bridge (optional – and super fun)

ATTN: We prefer to have a minimum of 40 attendees per day. (Max 200 people) So, if your school, class or group totals fewer than 40 – please don’t hesitate to call and we can try to schedule you with another group on the same day.  We can also give a flat rate, or give you an augmented experience – just call to discuss.

Teachers are free and we require one adult leader for every 10 pupils. (Teachers/adults are required to pay for add-ons)

10am – 1:30 is the usual time that schools choose.  Coming earlier and staying later is also okay!

If you have questions or are ready to book your educational experience
call Veronica at 0712407258 or email

One of our Adventure Guides explains how Biogas works.

About us:
Nani’s Kitengela Glass is the private home to Nani Croze and Dr. Eric Krsytall and is often cited as one of the “top twenty things to do” while in Nairobi.

Nani has a full-service design and art studio, an art gallery, coffee shop, and guest cottages on site. Nani brought colored glass making to East Africa in the 1970’s and planted all the trees you see on the property at that time.

Dr. Krystall introduced the tradition of puppetry to Kenya in the 1990s and any puppetry seen on TV or at schools, theatres, and communities is born out of his early efforts to popularize the art form for education. He’s an avid swimmer and has a swimming pool on-site available to guests. MORE INFO ON ERIC AND NANI

Puppets254 is the commercial wing of the Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre which was established by former puppeteers of Dr. Krystall. They handle entertainment and education services for parties and corporate events in and around the 254 area code.

Together, Eric, Nani and the Puppets254 crew invite you for an immersive educational experience unique to Kenya and rare anywhere in the world.

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Prices for each single service are displayed as no broker, no “bargain” values.  We like to give the same price to everyone.

However, you may call us if you need a package deal with several services bundled into a single event or a multi-day event.

• Our promise: All of our team members are trained in-house by local and international full time professional performing artists.  We do not sub-contract or “outsource” for any of our services.

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