Costumed Characters/Mascots

Our costumed characters are performed by professionally trained* actors.

(*see the bottom of the page for a few reasons to hire pros.)

5,000/= for up to 4 hours and 1,000/= each additional hour
This includes twenty-minute breaks every 60 minutes.

Additional Characters for the same event:
4,000/= for up to 4 hours and 500/= each additional hour


Why pay extra for professionals?
1.  Our performers are always “on” – you won’t see slouched shouldered “happy” characters walking around like tired teenagers.  We are living cartoons – energetic and playful. Always.

2. Our performers are trained to deal with unruly kids.  We reduce your liability.

3. Characters are supposed to be special, interact with your guests, and make memories. They should not merely be sweaty, walking, overgrown toys.

4.  With most children, our performers are magical characters come to life!  This is why it’s so important to maintain the illusion. Take a look at this employee, on duty, in front of children, from some other agency…

5.  We don’t sub-contract.  If we can’t deliver because we are under-equipped or understaffed, we just ask that you remember us and try to book us earlier next time.  We aren’t sending unknowns with no supervision to your premium event.  Ever.


Prices for each single service are displayed as no broker, no “bargain” values.  We like to give the same price to everyone.

However, you may call us if you need a package deal with several services bundled into a single event or a multi-day event.

• Our promise: All of our team members are trained in-house by local and international full time professional performing artists.  We do not sub-contract or “outsource” for any of our services.

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We perform for your events any hour, any day.