Health & Safety Education

We currently offer three 60 minute programs for schools:

1. HIV and AIDS education. This show is appropriate for ALL AGES.  In this presentation, we cover stigma, gender equality, how HIV is not spread, and we appropriately share how it is spread.  This presentation is targeted for comprehension for pupils and students age 6 and up.  Parents and grandparents also highly review the content and the delivery.  This program is presented in an English and Swahili mixture and is approved by the Ministry of Health.

2. Conservation and tree planting.  This is our newest addition and covers topics such as planting trees, keeping the environment clean and using timber for economic well-being, etc.  This show is in Kiswahili.

3. Child Safety.  This show covers what to do when you get lost, memorizing your parent’s phone number and basic fire safety information.  This show is in English.  (This show is also available in a shortened 30-minute program.)

• Each presentation also includes audience interactions, educational illusions, and question and answer sessions.
• These programs are designed to be shown in their entirety for properly seated audiences for 75 uninterrupted minutes.
• We provide our own electricity and equipment.  You only need to provide space in which to perform and a clean seating area for the audience.  A guide for hosting one of our educational programs is available upon request.

Charges: 20,000/= for up to three presentions of the same program in the same location on the same day.*

Our educational programs are developed and presented in partnership with the Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre, Project HAND UP (USA) and are sponsored in part by The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and various Rotary Clubs around the world.

*Qualifying rural schools may receive sponsored presentations free of charge.  Call to inquire about availability.


Prices for each single service are displayed as no broker, no “bargain” values.  We like to give the same price to everyone.

However, you may call us if you need a package deal with several services bundled into a single event or a multi-day event.

• Our promise: All of our team members are trained in-house by local and international full time professional performing artists.  We do not sub-contract or “outsource” for any of our services.

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