Magic Shows

We offer several types of magical presentation:
• For fully surrounded crowd audiences (as pictured below with Darren)
• Large 20-60 minute professional stage shows (with juggling and comedy)
• Busker/Trade Show magic for promotions and product sales.
• Small backyard kid-shows
• Educational school shows (bullies, drugs, respect, conservation and custom topics)

From 7,500/= to 50,000/=
Please call and discuss pricing for our magicians.  Generally, we will tailor performances for your event and your needs.

Darren Collins: (Above)
Darren is a full-time professional family entertainer skilled in juggling, comedy, and magic from USA.  He has performed in Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, China, Singapore, Thailand, Tanzania, Cambodia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Belize, and 45 of the United States. He specializes in large stage performances and educational performances for schools.  He performs in American English.

Victor Olouch: (Below)
Victor is a professional children’s entertainer skilled in puppetry and magic and as an MC/DJ.  He specializes in kid-show magic and educational content.  He has performed in Kenya and Tanzania. He performs in Kenyan English and Nairobicentric Swahili.


Prices for each single service are displayed as no broker, no “bargain” values.  We like to give the same price to everyone.

However, you may call us if you need a package deal with several services bundled into a single event or a multi-day event.

• Our promise: All of our team members are trained in-house by local and international full time professional performing artists.  We do not sub-contract or “outsource” for any of our services.

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WORK Hours
We perform for your events any hour, any day.